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The Southern Caucasus, composed of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, has long been a focal point for change and a bridge between Asia and Europe. The region is in the midst of a tumultuous transition and has seen multiple inter-state and ethnic conflicts in its recent past, some of them escalating to full-scale warfare. In this context, the lack of regional cooperation threatens to exacerbate environmental issues, themselves a source of potential conflict in the region. Among the environmental concerns identified by ENVSEC in the Southern Caucasus are the management of shared natural resources (not least in the Kura-Araks river basin which covers a large part of the region), pollution from ageing industries and irrigation networks, and uncontrolled growth of capital cities. On the positive side there are quite a few opportunities to foster cooperation between the countries in the environmental field.

The ENVSEC assessment of environment and security linkages in the Southern Caucasus was completed and presented at the Ministerial meeting of EECCA countries in Tbilisi on October 22, 2004. ENVSEC has identified the frozen conflict zones in South Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh, and Abkhazia as areas where more detailed assessment can help facilitate a broader understanding of current environmental challenges.. ENVSEC has supported monitoring and management of the Kura-Araks river basin, strategic environmental assessments, the establishment of public environmental information centres (“Aarhus centres”), and media training. In the view of reducing tensions in mountainous areas and promoting cooperation for protection and sustainable management, ENVSEC also supports transboundary cooperation on the protection of the Caucasus mountains.

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Southern Caucasus Publications

ENVSEC South Caucasus Regional Meeting, Tbilisi, 5-6 October 2010

- Minutes of the meeting 
- List of participants 
- Tentative agenda 

Armenian Aarhus Centers Network September-October 2010

ENVSEC-A Concurrence of Strengths

ENVSEC South Caucasus Bulletin September 2008-July 2009

Regional South Caucasus Meeting, Hotel Ambasadori, Tbilisi, Georgia, 17-18 January 2007
Meeting report.

OSCE-led Environmental Assessment Mission to fire-affected territories in and around the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Report to the OSCE Chairman-in-Office from the Coordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities
October 2-13, 2006. ENVSEC supported and participated in the mission mandated by a UN General Assembly Resolution. The report was submitted in a letter dated 20 December 2006 from the Permanent Representative of Belgium to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General.

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Southern Caucasus ENVSEC Projects

  Managing environment and security risks with EIA and SEA in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia - Planned

  CASE-South Caucasus (continuation) - Planned

  Strengthened multi-stakeholder cooperation in the South Caucasus for improved protected areas systems - Planned

  Enhancing National Capacity on Fire Management and Risk Reduction in the South Caucasus - Completed

  Fostering transboundary cooperation in the Kura-Aras River basin - On-going

  Implementation of the UNECE Water Convention and development of an agreement on the management of transboundary watercourses shared by Georgia and Aze - On-going

  Early warning system protecting drinking water supply vulnerable to eco-terrorism (NATO ref. 981453) - Completed

  Seismic hazard and risk assessment for Southern Caucasus - Eastern Turkey energy corridors (NATO ref. 983038) - On-going

  Environment and Security in the South Caucasus Triangle - Completed

  Regional study of impacts of climate change in the South Caucasus - On-going

  Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in Azerbaijan - Completed

  Strengthening capacity in environmental assessment and risk reduction at mining sites in Armenia - On-going

  Supporting the Armenian Government in the elimination of the hazardous chemicals at the Nubarashen storage site - On-going

  Inventory, monitoring and analysis of obsolete pesticides in Armenia for environmentally sound disposal (NATO ref. 982812) - On-going

  Cooperation for the protection and sustainable development of mountain regions in the South Caucasus - On-going

  Water resources management of agro-ecosystems in the South Caucasus transboundary regions (NATO ref. 982227) - On-going

  Training in investigative journalism with respect to environment and security issues and linkages in Central Asia and Southern Caucasus - Completed

  New technologies of seismic resistant construction (NATO ref. 982167) - On-going

  Phase Two - Enhancing national capacity on fire management and wildfire disaster risk reduction in the South Caucasus - On-going

  Regional Cities: Environmental assessment and capacity building in Tbilisi - On-going

  Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA): Promotion and capacity building (Phase I, Armenia and Georgia) - Completed

  South Caucasus regional cooperation for the implementation of the Aarhus Convention - Completed

  Capacity for water cooperation: Workshop on river basin commissions (October 2007), Workshop on Water and Health (May 2008) - Completed

  Phase Three - Enhancing national capacity on fire management and wildfire disaster risk reduction in the South Caucasus - Planned

  Prediction of glacial hazards and disaster in the Central Caucasus, Russia (NATO ref. 982143) - Completed

  Aarhus Centres in South Caucasus - On-going

  Strengthening implementation in Azerbaijan of the UNECE Convention on Environment Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context - Planned

  Sub-regional workshop on the Espoo Convention - Planned

  Assessment of waste management in South Ossetian conflict zone - Completed

  Regional wild land fire consultation and Sevilla process - Completed

  South Caucasus cooperative river monitoring (NATO ref. 977991) - Completed

  Management and sustainable development of urban water resources in Azerbaijan (NATO ref. 981313) - Completed

  Multi-disciplinary analysis of the Caspian Sea ecosystem (NATO ref. 981063) - Completed

  Joint OSCE-UNEP assessment mission on the environmental impacts of recent conflict in Georgia - Completed

  National workshop on obligations and rights under the Protocol on Pollutants Release and Transfer Register to the Aarhus Convention in Armenia - Completed

  Civil Action for Security and Environment (CASE) - On-going

  Reducing transboundary degradation of the Kura-Aras River basin through aquifer management - Completed

  Strengthening implementation in Armenia of the UNECE Convention on Environment Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context - Completed

  Cooperation for the protection and sustainable development of mountain regions in the South Caucasus - Completed

  Urban environmental management: Yerevan - Completed

  Seismic risk in large cities of Caucasus, tools for risk management (NATO ref. 974320) - Completed

  NGO Forum in the Kura-Aras River basin - Completed

  Environmental confidence building in areas of frozen conflict, Phase I - Completed

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Southern Caucasus Maps & Images




Population density, 2002
(also in russian)


Trends in birth and death
rates, 1990-2002

(also in russian)


Total population growth rates, 1989-2002
(also in russian)


Transport and communication links, 2004
(also in russian)




Economic output, 1990-2003
(also in russian)


Population migration and displacement, 1988-2004
(also in russian)


Ethno-linguistic distribution, 2004
(also in russian)


Seismic risk: recorded earthquakes
(also in russian)




Environment and security priority areas
(also in russian)


National environment and security issues in Armenia
(also in russian)


National environment and security issues in Azerbaijan
(also in russian)


National environment and security issues in Georgia
(also in russian)

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Southern Caucasus Resources

UN Agencies

UNDP in Armenia - Energy and Environment
UNDP in Azerbadjan - Energy and Environment
UNDP in Georgia

United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG)

International and National Cooperation Agencies & NGOs

OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe)
  OSCE Office in Baku
  OSCE Mission to Georgia
  OSCE Office in Yerevan
  Personal Representative of the Chairman-in-Office on the Conflict Dealt with by the OSCE Minsk Conference


Caucasus Environmental NGO Network


Armenia and the Environment: The Challenges of Ecological Integrity in a Developing Republic. Special report / supplement to Armenia Now, June 2004. [output from ENVSEC media training in Yerevan in May 2004]

EU halts aid to Armenia over quake-zone nuclear plant. Brown, Paul. The Guardian, June 2, 2004.


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Southern Caucasus Focal Points


Acting Head, UN Desk, International Organizations Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia
Government House 2, Republic Square
375010 Yerevan
Tel: +37410 54 40 41 ext. 232
E-mail: n.zastoukhova@mfa.am

Acting Director, "Environmental Project Implementation Unit" State Agency
Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia
Government House 3, Republic Square
357010 Yerevan
Tel: +374 10 651631/651641
Fax: +374 10 650089
E-mail: info@cep.am


Deputy Head, Department of Environmental Policy and Environmental Protection
Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Republic of Azerbaijan
B. Aghayev Str 100-A
370073 Baku
Tel: +994 12 598 3907
E-mail: imranabdulov@baku.az

Rashad  NOVRUZ
Second Secretary, Department of Economic Relations
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan
Shikhali Gurbanov 4
AZ1009 Baku
Tel: +994 (12) 596 93 07
Fax: +994 (12) 596 90 01
E-mail: r_novruz@mfa.gov.az


Head of Division of International Relations, Department of Environmental Policy and International Relations
Ministry of Environment Protection of Georgia
Gulua St. 6
0114 Tbilisi
Tel: +995 32 727223
Fax: +995 32 727237
E-mail: n.gokhelashvili@moe.gov.ge

Counsellor, UN Division, Department of International Organizations
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia
4 Chitadze Str.
0118 Tbilisi
Tel: +995 32 94 50 00 ext.1804
Fax: +995 32 945001
E-mail: kenkadzek@yahoo.com

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