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Newsletter (January-June 2009)



 Newsletter (January-June 2009)


ENVSEC South Caucasus Bulletin


The ENVSEC bulletin for South Caucasus covers projects and events in Armenia, Azerbaidjan and Georgia between September 2008 and July 2009, as well as provides further information on future plans and meetings in the region.

 ENVSEC South Caucasus Newsletter


ENVSEC Strategic workshop


On July the 1st, the ENVSEC partners organized a workshop to present and discuss the findings of the Strategic review of the ENVSEC Initiative. The workshop, made possible thanks to a generous contribution from the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, brought together 29 participants representing ENVSEC partner organisations, as well as partner and potential partner countries and institutions. The workshop was useful in doing the first selection and prioritization of the wealth of recommendations produced by the review. While carrying the ‘Blueprint for strengthening the management of the Initiative’ into effect will be the first step to implement the recommendations of the review, the rest of the recommendations endorsed by the Management Board will be executed in the order of their priority as defined by the ENVSEC partners and their stakeholders. In the context of the workshop, the Initiative received sufficient pledging and commitments of support to implement the near future plans of the partnership.

 ENVSEC Strategic workshop report (August 2009)


ENVSEC Central Asia Bulletin


The ENVSEC bulletin for Central Asia covers projects and events in Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan between August 2008 and June 2009, as well as provides further information on future plans and meetings in the region.

 ENVSEC Central Asia Newsletter ENGLISH
 ENVSEC Central Asia Newsletter RUSSIAN


ENVSEC Strategic review report


Six years after the launch of the ENVSEC Initiative, a general strategic assessment of the Initiative was carried out by an external consultant at the request of the ENVSEC Management Board, between March and May 2009. The review was based on a desk study of all available and directly relevant documents, on interviews with key informants, on insights gained during ENVSEC Management Board and Donor meetings, and on visits to two ENVSEC regions (Southern Caucasus and South East Europe). The review concluded that the thematic focus of ENVSEC – the interaction between environmental degradation and conflict – remains highly relevant and is likely to gain in strategic importance in the years to come, and that ENVSEC remains unique as an innovative partnership of agencies offering an integrated response to environment and security challenges. The review pointed out that ENVSEC has faced typical challenges of growth at management and governance levels as the scope and complexity of its work expanded. According to the review it is therefore important that the implementation of the ‘Blueprint for strengthening the management of the Initiative’, which was adopted by the Initiative’s Management Board in consultation with main donors, will be completed as soon as possible. The recommendations suggest a number of further measures to respond to some of the shortcomings revealed by the Strategic review. This report has been made possible thanks to the financial support from the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland.

 ENVSEC Strategic review report (June 2009)


ENVSEC Eastern Europe Bulletin


The ENVSEC bulletin for Eastern Europe covers projects and events in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine between December 2008 and May 2009, as well as provides further information on future plans and meetings in the region.

 ENVSEC Eastern Europe Newsletter




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