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The region comprising Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine is one of the most industrialized areas within the former Soviet Union. This as well as dense population, important transportation networks, intensive agriculture account for both the strategic importance of the region and its omnipresent environmental challenges. Among these are the still-present consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear accident; environmental risks of industrial and military heritage; management of shared waterbasins such as the Dnieper and the Dniester; and, most recently, the need to secure an independence and efficient use of energy supply hopefully at a minimum environmental cost.

Frozen conflicts or tensions in parts of the region (Transnistria in Moldova, the South-East of Ukraine) weaken resistance of countries and communities to environmental threats and their capacity to address them. Such situations on the other hand define needs and opportunities for non-political mitigation of instability. Not least, strategic location on the border of the European Union makes the region particularly sensitive to global and continental geopolitical challenges.

Environment and Security assessment in Eastern Europe was initiated in cooperation with the three governments in 2005. A series of multi-agency consultations took place in the countries in May-June 2006. Meetings have helped to identify, confirm and detail key threats faced by the region on the interface between the environment and security, as well as to discuss needs and opportunities to act. ENVSEC assessment for Eastern Europe was presented to donors and the international audience at OSCE's 15th Economic and Environmental Forum in May 2007, along with a proposed work programme of ENVSEC-facilitated activities.

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Eastern Europe Publications

Land of our concern (russian version)

Based on the assessment of 2007-2009 data, the report presents environmental situation in the Donetsk region (oblast) of Ukraine. The analysis shows the region's environmental, social and economic conditions, and the environmental impacts of economic activities. The report highlights issues such as air quality and pollution, water and land resources, climate change, biodiversity, waste management, health and industrial safety. Indicators in the report show environmental trends over time as well as map the issues within the region. Comparisons are drawn with other parts of Ukraine and with EU member-states. The report concludes with the priorities and the set-up for managing and monitoring the region's environment. Donetsk, 2010.

COALLAND: Faces of Donetsk

The publication summarizes several years of cooperation with the authorities and people of the Donetsk region, an important coal-producing, industrial and political centre of Ukraine. It presents to the broad audience the features of Donetsk environment, history, economy and everyday life, as well as the findings of the ENVSEC risk assessment analysis, highlighting the need for solid risk assessment and the potential sources of risk associated with mining activities in Donetsk.

Waste(s) Watch Cards

Illegal logging in Ukraine. Fact finding (ukrainian version)

Illegal logging in Ukraine. Diagnostic audit (ukrainian version)

Work programme for Eastern Europe, as of February 2011 (Available only in Russian)

Monograph on water management on the upper Pripyat (available only in Russian, with Belarus, Ukrainian and English summaries)

Eastern Europe News and Outlook May 2009.

Work programme. ENVSEC, 2008.

ENVSEC April 2008 information bulletin. ENVSEC, 2008.

ENVSEC November 2007 information bulletin. ENVSEC, 2007.

ENVSEC July 2007 information bulletin. ENVSEC, 2007.

Environment and Security - Transforming risks into cooperation - The Case of Eastern Europe. ENVSEC, 2007. (russian version)

Poster - Environment and Security - Transforming risks into cooperation - The Case of Eastern Europe. ENVSEC, 2007. (russian version)

Field study of the Beloozerskaya water-feed system of the Dnieper-Buh canal (June-July 2008) (english summary)

State of the environment of the Donetsk region of Ukraine (in Ukrainian, Donetsk; launched at the 6th Ministerial Conference 'Environment for Europe', Belgrade, October 2007).

Background paper for consultations in Chisinau – Kyiv – Minsk (Russian only), UNEP, 2006.

     Donwload maps n°.  1 -2 - 3 - 7 - 8

Republic of Belarus: Environment and Security (russian version)
Background paper for UNEP, 2006.

Identification and description of key environmental and security problems in the Republic of Moldova (russian version)
Background paper for UNEP, 2006.

Ukraine country chapter for ENVSEC
Background paper for UNEP, 2006.

Identification and review of key environmental and security problems in the Transnistrian region, Republic of Moldova (russian version)
Background paper for UNEP, 2006.

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Eastern Europe ENVSEC Projects

  ENVSEC Phase 1: Assessment of environment and security risks and opportunities in Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova - Completed [See also project website]

  Development of Moldova's national environmental security programme - Completed [See also project website]

  Strengthening national and local capacities to assess and prevent risks from hazardous activities - Completed [See also project website]

  Development of Lake Drisviaty/Druksiai basin management programme - Planned

  Clean-up of pesticides in Moldova (NATO ref. 981186) - On-going

  Managing environment and security risks with EIA and SEA in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia - Planned

  Prevention of illegal cross-border transport of hazardous waste and other cross-border environmental crimes, Phase III - Planned

  Establishment of an Aarhus Centre in Chisinau and Public Environmental Information Centre in Bender - Planned

  River basin management and climate change adaptation in the Neman River basin - Planned

  Support to the demarcation of the Belarus-Ukrainian state border in radioactively polluted areas - Planned

  Transboundary cooperation and sustainable management of the Dniester River - Phase II - Completed [See also project website]

  Real time monitoring and decision support systems for international rivers: Application to the Dniester and Prut rivers (NATO ref. 971918) - Completed

  Cross-border assessment and management plan for the Drisviaty / Druksiai lake basin - On-going

  Sustainable management of shared water resources in the upper Pripyat basin - Completed

  Joint environmental monitoring, assessment and exchange of information for integrated management of the Danube delta region (Phase II) - On-going

  Destruction of pesticides using thermal plasma technology (including analytical work at near-border depots) (NATO ref. 983056) - On-going

  Environmental assessment of development planning and environment-security monitoring in Crimea - On-going [See also project website]

  Mitigating risks from stocks of obsolete pesticides in the Transnistrian region of Moldova - On-going

  Development of capacities for application of the Espoo Convention - On-going

  Assessment and capacity-building for managing environment and security risks in the Donbas and Soligorsk regions - Completed

  Illegal logging: governance, implementation and enforcement - Completed

  Sustainability assessment of energy security strategies - On-going

  Assessment of radioactive pollution in the Polessie State Reserve of the Chernobyl exclusion zone (NATO ref. 983057) - On-going

  Disposal of stocks of rocket fuel toxic component (mélange) - On-going

  Prevention of illegal cross-border transport of hazardous waste: training of border, customs and environmental authorities - On-going

  Awareness, public participation in decision-making and education on environment and security risks and linkages - On-going

  Transboundary cooperation and sustainable management in the Dniester River basin - Phase III - On-going [See also project website]

  Pripyat basin flow management and monitoring feasibility study - Completed

  Transboundary cooperation and sustainable management of the Dniester River - Phase II - Completed

  Capacity for water cooperation: Workshop on river basin commissions (October 2007), Workshop on Water and Health (May 2008) - Completed

  Monitoring and assessment of heavy metal pollution in River Prut, an important transboundary water resource (NATO ref. 974064) - Completed

  Harmonization of seismic risk prevention (NATO ref. 980468) - Completed

  Reducing vulnerability to extreme flood and climate change in the Dniester River basin (Dniester III Flood and Climate) - On-going

  Climate change and security scenarios for Eastern Europe - On-going

  Flood risk monitoring and forecast of the Pripyat River basin (NATO ref. 983516) - On-going

  Joint environmental monitoring, assessment and exchange of information for integrated management of the Danube delta (Phase I) - Completed

  Needs assessment, institutional and legal strengthening of environmental cooperation with Transnistria - Completed

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Eastern Europe Maps & Images




Political patterns and communication axes
(russian version)


Eastern Europe through history
(russian version)


(russian version)


Forest cover
(russian version)




Water basins of Eastern Europe
(russian version)


Peoples of Eastern Europe
(russian version)


The continental scale of the Chernobyl accident
(russian version)


Energy resources, production and transportation
(russian version)




Environment and security priority areas in Eastern Europe
(russian version)


Environment and security issues in Belarus
(russian version)


Environment and security issues in Moldova
(russian version)


National environment and security issues in Ukraine
(russian version)


Gross National Income (GNI)
(russian version)


Energy - environment - security interactions
(russian version)


Population evolution
(russian version)



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Eastern Europe Country Meetings

Project meetings

Communications and media relations workshop for environmental authorities from ENVSEC priority regions. Kyiv, Ukraine 13-14.10.2008

List of participants
Agenda (english)
Agenda (russian)
Workshop (russian)

Reducing environmental risks from industry: the role of preventive journalism. Regional press tour and master class in environmental journalism. Donetsk, Ukraine 7-10.10.2008

List of participants
Guide to Environmental journalism
Workshop announcement (Ukrainian)
Donetsk TV interview1 (movie)
Donetsk TV interview2 (movie)

Detection of illegal waste transportation: OSCE regional training workshop for environmental, border and customs authorities. Odessa, Ukraine 19-20.08.2008 Report (russian)

Transboundary movement of hazardous waste: review of legislation and its enforcement in Ukraine, Kiev, 18.03.2008 Report (ukrainian)

Strengthening safety measures at hazardous activities, Vadul-lui-Voda, Moldova, 13-14.12.2007

Cross-border Assessment and Transboundary Cooperation for Management of the Drisviaty/Druksiai Lake Basin, Minsk, 07.12.2007

Expert meeting on Pripyat river basin cooperation, Kyiv 17-18 September 2007 Report (russian)

Launches of ENVSEC assessment and work programme

Kyiv and Donetsk - 26-27.02.2008

List of participants in Kyiv
List of participants in Donetsk
Opening by the Deputy Minister of Environment Protection
ENVSEC introduction
Pripyat basin cooperation
Environmental issues in the Donetsk region
Strategic environmental assessment in Crimea
Announcement by Ukraine's Ministry of Environment Protection
Announcement by Donetsk Oblast Department of Environment Protection

Ukrinform news
"The Day" (Ukrainian / Russian / English)

Minsk - 19.09.2007

List of participants
Press release
Dnepro_Bun Canal
Pripyat Flood Control
Drysviaty lake
Obsolete pesticidesl
Mining risks in Soligorsk
Renewable energy park

Chisinau 19.06.2007

List of participants
Press release
ENVSEC assessment and work programme
Dniester bassin cooperation
Transboudary water quality monitoring
Transboundary impacts of industrial accidents
National environmental security programme
Radio interview
Radio interview "Moldova at 7 o'clock"

Prague 21.05.2007

ENVSEC assessment launch event, Prague 21 May 2007
ENVSEC work programme
ENVSEC Eastern Europe News & Outlook July 2007

Eastern Europe Consultations

Introduction to ENVSEC
Introduction to ENVSEC consultations
Introduction to ENVSEC mapping

Minsk - June 2006

List of participants
ENVSEC preliminary findings (a)
ENVSEC preliminary findings (b)
Polesie Project
Restauration of peatland
Dnieper cooperation
Environmental monitoring and mapping

Chisnau May 2006

Agenda (russian)
List of participants (russian)
ENVSEC preliminary findings (a)
ENVSEC preliminary findings (b)
ENVSEC preliminary findings (c)
Dnieper cooperation

Kyiv May 2006

List of participants
ENVSEC preliminary findings
GIS and mapping
Carpathian environment
Ideas for ENVSEC interventions

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Eastern Europe Resources

UN Agencies

UNDP Country Office in Belarus
UNDP Country Office in Moldova
UNDP Country Office in Ukraine
UNDP Crimea Integration and Development Programme, Simferopol

International and National Cooperation Agencies & NGOs

IOM in FYR of Macedonia

 OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe)
OSCE Office in Minsk
OSCE Mission to Moldova
OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine

NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Kyiv


Ministry of the Environment - Belarus
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Belarus
Ministry of the Environment - Moldova
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Moldova
Ministry of the Environment - Ukraine
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Ukraine
Council of National Security and Defence- Ukraine

Other Agencies and projects

Environmental monitoring in Belarus
Transboundary Dniester River Project
Environmental situation in Moldova
Ukrainian environmental news


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Eastern Europe Focal Points


Head of International Cooperation Department
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
Kollektornaya ul. 10
220048 Minsk
Tel: +375 17 200 4328
Fax: + 375 17 200 7454
E-mail: icd@minpriroda.by

Svetlana KATKOVA (contact)
First Secretary of the Humanitarian Cooperation Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Lenina str. 19
22030 Minsk
Tel: +375 17 227 83 13
E-mail: tclo@mfa.gov.by


Head of the Department of Analysis, Monitoring and Policy Evaluation
Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources
9 Cosmonautilor Str.
MD 2005 Chisinau
Tel: +373 22 20 45 20
E-mail: policy@mediu.gov.md

First Secretary, OSCE and International Security Division, Multilateral Cooperation Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration
31 August 1989 str. 80
MD 2012 Chisinau
Tel: +373 22 578 268
E-mail: elena.varta@mfa.md


Head of European Integration Unit / Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and European Integration Department
Ministry of Environmental Protection
Uritskogo vul. 35
03035 Kyiv
Tel: +38 044 206 2028
Fax: +38 044 206 3111
E-mail: oshevchenko1@hotmail.com

Antonina KARNAUKHOVA (contact)
Section of the Environment, Department of Economic Cooperation
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1 Mykhailivska Sq.
01018 Kyiv
Tel: +380 44 253 00 37
Fax: +380 44 238 1791 / 18 88
E-mail: a.karnaukhova@mfa.gov.ua

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